User Guide - Epic Timeline

Get Started

The Epic Timeline displays all epics on a selected board.

So, to get started you need to select the wanted board to display. then, Press the Epic Timeline logo on the left Jira Toolbar.

Now, your epics will display automatically in a Gantt chart calendar view by sprints!


Epic Timeline Main Display


The Epic Timeline will display all of your epics by the sprints they are related too.

The first column from the left is a backlog column, The backlog column will contain epics with no issues or epics with issues in backlog, which will prevent you from finalizing the Epic work on time!

Right after the backlog column, The columns will order by the sprints on your board.

The epic bar will start at the first sprint that related to the issues in the epic and will display the epic key, epic name, epic status and an issue progress bar that will show how many issues related to the epic and the amount of ‘Done’ issues amount them.

Pressing the issue key will open the epic Jira edit page.

Pressing the epic name will open epic summary window.


Epic Issue Display

Click on the Epic name to see its issues and the involved Sprints.

Get a better understanding of the Epic work schedule. see the Epic due date in comparison to the last issue Sprint.