Backup Center for Jira Cloud


Backup Center is your loyal tool for your saving Jira cloud site historical snapshot automatically. Atlassian doesn't officially provide data rollback based on a customer request. Thus, it's essential to take your site backup regularly. Backup Center will help you when any of site data was lost by a user operation. Backup Center allows you to automatically take periodic snapshots of your entire Jira cloud site data. You can save the backup files to our storage, or to your own to your own FTP networked storage, according to your schedule and preferences. The saved backup files can be used at any time to restore the information of past snapshot onto your Jira cloud site.

The app has the following features:

  • Periodical backup of your Jira site on storage ready for you

  • Set the properties and timing of the backup

  • Project are saved as well as Assets

  • Ability to use your on storage on FTP/S server, MS SharePoint or AWS S3

  • Download backup files to your on device

  • Restore specific projects and/or issues that you choose from any saved backup

  • Restore Assets.


How does Backup Center work?

  • In a configuration page you set the backup configuration, times, the number of files to keep, and which storage to use. You have free 20GB of free space, or if you prepare your own set S3 or SharePoint

  • Project information as well as assets are saved

  • Backup will now commence automatically

  • A control panel shows you your backup schedule, status and existing backup snapshots.

  • You can view your backup files, download them or select the one to restore.



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