Problem - After I change estimates in my board, it doesn’t change, and I get the following error popup.

Solution - Makes sure the Issue field Time Tracking is assign the your issue pages.


Problem - I am using Kanban board, and the app does not work for me.

Solution - This is normal. The Sprint Capacity Planing & Tracking only works for Scrum boards.


Problem - I get the error message: Unable to open sprint capacity view. Please check project configuration.

Solution - Check the board’s filter permissions. Filter should include at least 1 of the following 2 groups: jira-servicedesk-users  and jira-software-users


Problem - I am changing estimates in issues, but it is not reflected in report. Why?

Solution - Please make sure that you’ve estimated and assigned issues before adding it into the Sprint, incoming data for reports cannot be changed on-the-go