Issue Progress Bar - Admin Guide

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This guide is designed to help Jira Administrators to install the Issue Progress Bar app.

App Installation

To install the Issue Progress Bar app -

  1. Log in Jira with Jira Administrator permissions.

  2. Click the cogwheel button, and select the option App in the opened menu.

  3. On the left bar, click Find new apps.

  4. Type "Issue Progress Bar", and click on the magnifying glass to bring up the app.

  5. Click on Buy now, and confirm the installation.

  6. You are ready to go! Remember to notify your Jira users.

App Configuration

Adding Progress Bar to your screens

When you use the app in your project, a new Custom Field Issue Progress Bar. Make sure the field is available in your project by (see also here) -

  1. Click the cogwheel button and select the option Issue in the opened menu.

  2. On the left bar, under FIELDS click Custom fields.

  3. Find the field Issue Progress Bar, clicked it and select the Screens tab

  4. Add the field to the relevant Jira screens

5. You can place the field in any location you wish by clicking cogwheel Configure in the relevant screen and dragging the field to its desired screen location.


Setting the progress % values

You can set your own progress % for each state of each issue type, for each project. When in the project scope, click the Issue Progress Bar on the left menu bar. You should see the following:

You can now select the Issue Types for which the progress bar will be displayed. Once an issue type is selected, you can select the issue statuses and assign a representative progress % for each, one by one.

Make sure you do this for all relevant types states.

You can always come back and update this setup.