Search+ for Jira



The Search+ Jira app is a great solution to effectively search your Jira issues across very large projects. It allows every Jira user to search through long issue lists, beyond the current 1,000 record limit. and export the results as CSV or Excel format.


Accessing the Search+ App

To access the Search+ app, click Apps in the top menu and select Search+ from the dropdown. You should be able to see the Search+ screen, similar to the following.


Searching for issues with the Search+ App

Once you launched the app, you can use the search and result screen. The screen includes the following:

  • In the search string box you can type any query and JQL to search for your results.

  • The total number of results shows all the results, and not limited to 1000 as in the standard Jira application.

  • A pageable list of result is displayed, with 500 items in each page, as opposed to 100 in the standard Jira cloud. This saves you from endless page back and forth browsing.

  • You can pick and choose the fields that are displayed for each line item issue, using the Columns drop down control.


Exporting Search+ results

Once you run a query and have your desired issue list, you can export the results as a .CSV or Excel (.XLSX) format. Saving is easy. Just Click the Export button, and select the format you desire.

Both files include a header line with the names of the fields for each column

Once you select a format the system will start producing the report. You will see the following popup at the bottom of your screen,

and a rotating indication next to the Export button. Processing can take a minute or so, especially if you report thousands of issues in the query results. The generated file will then automatically download to your machine.