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Quickview - Project Management Tool for Jira Issues


Quick view Transforms your tasks into a colourful and easy to use display, that lets you see your plans clearly in groups.

Quick view offers you a better way to view and manage tasks by letting you set color coding and advanced grouping features to your task management screen in hassle free way.

Our flexible and highly adjustable colorful view provides clearer insights into Project and team management. Changes the way you work in Jira and provides a work environment set for humans.


Key Features:
1.Get a Bird's-eye view of your project management by rearranging your tasks in a colorful display.
2.Create groups for issues, assignees, and tasks.
3.Easily add indicators to dates to get better insights.
4.Set and order relevant fields `on-screen`.
5.Set color per value - for better visualization.
6.Update fields (Dropdown single value), assignees and dates on screen - no need to get to edit screen.