RTL+ for Confluence


RTL+ is a Right To Left macro for Confluence Cloud. It allows any Confluence documentation to be easily created and edited with right to left languages. The supported languages are:

  • Arabic

  • Hebrew

  • Farsi

  • Urdu

  • Pashto

How to use RTL+

Using RTL+ is easy as using any Confluence Macro. When you want to add ay RTL text, first select the RTL+ macro from confluence macro drop down.

Once you select the macro,, you have a complete RTL editor ready for RTL text insertion.


You can start typing in your RTL language, reachable according to your keyboard setup.


The editor gives you many features for formatting your text including:

  • Text orientation and justification - the default is RTL

  • Font styling such as Bold and Italics

  • Font stroke color and background hilighting

  • Complete table support

Edit your RTL text as would would be doing for any text, and when you are done click the Insert button. That’s it! You document now includes paragraphs and tables in your RTL language.

RTL+ fully support a mix between right-to-left and left-to-right strings including any Latin characters as well as number. That is, when you start typing, say a number, along with your RTL text the number is written left-to-right as you would expect.