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Note that the length of the requested response may depend on your need, but is also limited by the size of the target field (see below). A simple Jira issue text field is typically limited to 255 chars. Note also that the model does not always strictly adhere to the length of the response requested. From time to time the result will appear cropped to the required length, in case the ChatGPT response was longer.

Source and Target Fields


  • Typically, when you update an issue you should see the target field updated on the open issue. However, due to timing of backed messages, this may not always happen. You may need to manually refresh the issue page in order to review the processed result. Likewise, when you create a new page, the ChatGPT processing result will typically show when you click View Issue in the Jira flag that appears when the issue is saved.

  • ChatGPT is a fantastic AI Large Language Model with amazing capabilities. However, depending on the action prompt and the source field content, it may not always give you the results you are looking for. The adjustment of the action prompt can significantly alter the result. We found that the summarition summarization and translation tasks are very powerful, but there are countless others. Feel free to experiment with the prompt. The options are endless.

  • When using the app with the same source field content, or making repeated calls, the results may be different each time. This is part of the human-like nature of the LLM